Why should I use 1st Moving Corp.?

1st Moving is the most trusted and recommended packing and moving company in New Jersey. Delivering reliability, results, safety, competitive pricing and comprehensive customer service that sets us apart from our competitors.

We are known for supreme customer service and our impeccable attention to detail, as a trusted leader we are committed to providing you a successful and stress free home relocation experience. We don’t give you empty promises - we give you our word!

How far ahead should I plan and book my move?

We recommend getting touch with us 2-4 weeks before your move, depending on your move complexity and size.

Can you move me across the country?

Yes we can move you across the country, but our main focus is to provide customers with VIP service, with expedited delivery up 1,800 miles distance. (24-48 hours for delivery)

Do you charge extra for buildings with stairs?

No, our moving company does not charge any additional fees for moves that involve navigating stairs or elevators. Our team is experienced in handling moves that require going up or down stairs and will take care of your belongings with the utmost care and professionalism, without any additional charges. We strive to provide transparent and upfront pricing to ensure our customers have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their move.

How can the weather affect my move?

While weather can affect New Jersey traffic and streets — and generally can add few more obstacles to a move (like snow or heavy rain) — our movers are ready to work in any kind of weather. So if the forecast is showing snow or heavy rain on your move day, we’ll come prepared with shovels and plastic covers!

Do I have to pay a deposit? What is the purpose of a deposit?

To schedule your date and reserve a crew for local moves we require a $100 deposit, which goes towards the total of your moving cost.   For long distance moves, our moving company may require a deposit of 10% of the total estimated cost. The purpose of the deposit is to secure your booking and reserve the necessary resources, such as trucks and crew, for your move. It also serves as a commitment from you as the customer to proceed with the scheduled move.

Will the movers take any extra items I have?

Yes (based on available truck space).

Keep in mind, last minute requests to add extra items to the scheduled move - should be confirmed before our arrival, so we can come prepared and plan our schedule accordingly.

Just keep us posted.

Do you offer insurance for all of my items?

As per New Jersey movers regulation we provide basic liability coverage, which is $1 per lb per article. For additional coverage we recommend using a reputable moving insurance provider such as Movinginsurance.com. Which specializes in providing coverage for moving and storage. Movinginsurance.com offers various coverage options tailored to your specific needs. Including options for full value protection which provides full replacement value of your items.

What do I do if I have items damaged in the move?

We are always trying to resolve and make sure the customer is satisfied, if we are unable to do that we will send you a claim form with instructions on the next steps. If insurance was purchased on Movinginsurance.com please contact them to open up a claim and we will provide any additional information that may be needed.

Is tipping included in the overall cost and billing?

A tip is not included in your moving quote – while tipping is completely up to clients discretion, if you are fully satisfied with your moving crew performances, we recommend tipping in the amount of 15-20% of a move total.

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