08092010311 1st Moving Corp.  is New Jersey’s most reliable and reputable moving company. We are fully licensed and insured. Our Residential Division, staffed with  qualified relocation consultants, can provide you with an estimate either over the phone, or we can send to your home one of our on-site consultants to establish a “binding” and/or “not to exceed price” for your relocation.

Once your move is booked with us, we will guide you every step of the way from that moment forward until the last piece of furniture has been placed in your new home … and beyond if needed.

Why? Because we CARE … and by CARING we realize YOUR MOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MOVE and this experience can be one of life’s most stressful times.

That’s why we here at 1st Moving, Corp. focus on making your move as less stressful as possible. By helping you plan your move from start to finish, far in advance of moving day, we assist you in organizing your efforts while addressing all your concerns; since there are many facets to a move besides the physical aspect itself.

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We make sure you understand fully our pricing and insurance options, so there is no “surprise charges” once the move is in progress. When it comes to packing your household items, we offer either partial or full service, which can be done on moving day or the day prior making your
move more cost effective. But when it comes to fragile items such as glassware, dishes, family valuables and/or artwork, it is better for us to pack them since we are more experienced. All cartons and packing material will be delivered to your home in advance of moving day.

When moving day arrives … RELAX!  You’re in good hands with out team of professionals. Our foreman has been instructed as to all fine points and requirements of your move and will make sure that your satisfaction is of the utmost priority.

Our crew will wrap all furniture items in protective blankets prior to leaving your home. Furniture that is needed to be disassembled will be handled at the origin residence and reassembled at the destination residence.

So take the first step and call us! Experience our CONCERN, our CARING, which is what we are all about when it comes to YOUR move. Make no mistake about it … CARING is the main ingredient to a successful conclusion. It has proven to be without a doubt the source of eliminating all unnecessary problems that has become “common place” with other moving services.

This choice of a moving company is the most vital decision you will make regarding your move.

For a complete and accurate estimate of your move, call 1st Moving, Corp. at (732) 414-2727 or complete our FREE QUOTE REQUEST FORM.

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Who prepares your articles for shipment.

The care with which your goods are packed determines the condition in which they arrive at your new home. If done correctly, performing your own packing will save money. Should you decide to perform all or part of your packing, you should do so with care. Use strong containers, which may be obtained from an outside source or rented or purchased from the mover.

Special attention should be given to packing fragile items such as glass table tops and shelves, lamps, lampshades, pictures, mirrors, electronics, etc. All items must be properly packed before loading. Should you desire the mover perform the packing, the mover will supply the containers and perform the packing, unpacking, or both. There is a charge for containers, and for each container packed or unpacked by the mover. The mover is not responsible for damage to items you pack unless there is evidence of mishandling.

Certain moving preparations are your responsibility and should be made before the movers arrive, even if they perform both the packing and unpacking. Electronics, and major appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, require disconnecting and special services to protect them during shipment. Other items which are attached to walls or floors such as draperies, pictures, or tacked-down carpets should be removed and ready for shipment.

Some moving companies may provide these services for you at your request and expense. Do not pack money, jewelry, or important papers. Valuable personal items of this kind should never be packed with the shipment. The mover has no liability for these types of items. Hazardous items such as paints, propane tanks, oil, and other flammables cannot be shipped. Consult with your mover for a detailed list of these types of “non-allowable” items.

Press board, particle board and/or engineered wood furniture

Furniture manufactured from press board, particle board and engineered wood is designed to go into a box from the manufacturer, to the retailer, and then to the customer unassembled. It is not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move as an assembled unit.

Most are not designed with the extra wood structural pieces to adequately brace the unit for movement out of or into a residence, nor the normal truck vibration, even in air-ride trailers.

Usually chips or dents are not repairable. Surface impressions can be made on the furniture when writing on a single piece of paper. Assembly instructions frequently suggest that connecting hardware pieces be glued in place. This does not significantly improve the structural integrity of the pieces, but does make disassembly impossible without creating substantial, un-repairable damage. Talk to your mover about the various options available to handle these types of furniture.


Our employees will take the shortest/most direct route from origin to destination. Please bear in mind our trucks can not drive as quickly, nor maneuver traffic the way you can with a car. As well, we can not drive on parkways or non-commercial routes such as Garden State Parkway. Heightened security has as well caused delays at the bridge and tunnel crossings in Manhattan on occasion. The hourly rate applies at all times the movers are working, including time when they are stuck in traffic. The same way a cab driver does not stop his meter while sitting in traffic, our meter does not stop either. We can not be responsible for such occurrences.


As in any service industry, tipping is customary and appreciated. Though it is not our policy to impose a surcharge or required gratuity, we do suggest 10-15 % for a job well done. This amount then divided among the men working on your move.
Again, gratuities should reflect your satisfaction with our mover’s performance. “1st Moving Corp.” does not charge additional for accessorial service that many other companies in the industry do ( I.E. stairs, evenings, weekends…).

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